Temp Studio is a one-week residency program for new media art. It happens twice a year providing a production and networking space for national and international artists

Our Goals and Mission

_ Encourage the creative and formative possibilities of exploratory artistic practices and interact with different local agents
_ Challenge artists in creating a global platform with which to exchange ideas and experiences
_ Encourage experimentation and cross-disciplinary practices as a means of personal and collective growth
_ Develop international artistic residencies, network exchanges of artists, and other cultural actors
Serve as a place of encounter for the production of open cultural projects
_ Provide a test ground and critical exchange platform for artists and thinkers whose work engages with technology
_ Enable audiences to experience and value the process by placing it at the centre of practice
_ Break down the boundaries between creative processing and developing technologies
_ Gain a deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities of networking or collaborating with other artists
_ Be a point of convergence of various areas of contemporary artistic processes
_ Provide a place for artistic experimentation, research, and reflection